Creating Your First Campaign

In this article we will show you how to create your first campaign. We will explain each aspect of a campaign.

Part 1

When you navigate to Marketing (1) > Campaigns (2), this is the first view you will see.

Note: If you're using Zapier to connect to any campaign, you will need the Campaign ID (pictured)

Part 2

When you create a new campaign, you will come to this screen. From here, you can insert a campaign name, configure your campaign, and add events to your campaign. We will continue with adding events.

Part 3

You can add a various number of events.

SMS- Will send an automatic text message to your lead.

Messenger- Will send an automatic Facebook message to your lead.

Email- Will send an automatic email to your lead.

Call- Will ring your assigned phone number and ask you if you would like to connect to your lead.

Voicemail- Will attempt to send a voicemail-drop to your lead.

Wait- Will wait an amount of time you choose before the next event.

Manual SMS- Will queue a text message (more on this below).

Manual Call- Will queue a manual call (more on this below).

Webhook- Will send your lead information to a destination of your choice.

Add Task- Will assign a task to someone of your choice.

Part 4

Once you have your events setup, you can now configure your campaign. 

Note: You do not have to go in this order. You can configure your campaign first and then add your events.

Part 5

A note about Manual Calls and Manual SMS. 

If you prefer to send a manual call or text message while you are online (i.e. during your business hours), you can set this up in your campaign.

Navigate to Contacts (1) > Manual Actions (2).

From here, you will see all the manual actions waiting for you. Click on Let's Start (3) and your actions will start. 

There will be a five second delay in between each action. You have the option to pause should you wish to take a break between tasks.