Organizing Campaigns and Triggers

In this article we will go over how to organize your campaigns and triggers. Both are very similar, so we will focus on campaigns with a quick aside on triggers.

Navigate to Marketing > Campaigns  (or Triggers)

Step 1

Click on "New Folder" (1) > Add your folder name (2) > Click on "Save" (3)

To move a current campaign (or trigger) into a folder-

Click on the three dots (1) > Highlight "Move to folder" (2) > Select your desired folder (3)

Creating a new campaign inside an existing folder-

Click on "Create Campaign" (1) > Name your campaign (2) > Select your folder (3) > Save (4)

What about triggers?

It works the same way as it does on campaigns. Simply click on "New Folder" (1) and you'll see your folders on the left (2)