Trigger Links Overview

In this article we will introduce you to Trigger Links and how you can set one up in a campaign.

A Trigger Link allows you to create a unique link that redirects to a destination of your choice. Once clicked, it can trigger an action of your choice (i.e. add to a campaign, remove from a campaign, etc).

Step 1

Navigate to Marketing (1) > Trigger Links (2) > Add Link (3)

Step 2

Name your Trigger Link (1) > Insert your destination link (2) > Click on Save (3)

Step 3

You have created your Trigger Link. Repeat the process to create more.

Step 4

In this example, we will add a trigger link in an SMS event in a Campaign. 

Click on Trigger Links (1) > Select your Trigger Link (in this case "Homepage").

Step 5

Modify your SMS message as desired > Click Save (1)

Note: To send yourself a text, input your telephone number and click on Send Test (Pictured). This will show you what your link will look like as it will not look like the example below.

You have successfully created an SMS event with a trigger link.