Surveys with Conditional Logic

In this article, you will learn how to create a survey using conditional logic. Learn how to set the logic, how and when to immediately disqualify a user, and how to set the on-submit action.

What you will need:

  1. Your survey questions ready to go

Step 1

Click on "Marketing" and then "Survey Builder"

Step 2

Click on "Create New Survey"

Step 3

Start Adding Your Basic Questions

Step 4

Add Your Conditional Question by Clicking on "Add Custom Field"

Step 5

Create Your Custom Question

Step 6

Drag Your Custom Question in Place

Step 7

Click on Your Custom Question and Reference "Logic" on the Right Panel

Step 8

Select Your Logic

Step 9

Repeat Steps 4-8 For More Questions

Step 10

Complete Your Options

Other Considerations:

Options > Make sure 'One question at a time' under 'Survey fields settings' is turned Off

Conditional logic can only be used with one of these-

Use Custom Fields for conditional logic questions

These are the Custom Field Types that use conditional logic:Do not use the 'Allow Add Custom Options' feature with the Radio custom field type. You cannot redirect if the lead chooses to add a custom option

Custom fields with conditional logic must be the only field on a slide for the redirect to work. Do not combine conditional logic custom fields with ANY other fields (including basic Text field)

Use 'Disqualify immediately' if you are planning to disqualify a lead based on an answer. Disqualify after submit will still force the lead to go through the entire survey which you do not want in conditional logic surveys