Website Getting Started

In this article, we will introduce you to Websites, and how they differ from Funnels.

A sales funnel is a set of guided steps that walks a user through the sales sequence. Normally, each step is a single page. 

A website is a set of pages that show various aspects of your business. These normally include an introductory page (the homepage), an about page, a product/service page, and a contact page. 

Your app now allows you to create a full website! Since it's all hosted within your app, you can also create and connect your funnels to your websites domain as well. 

Navigate to

Funnels and Websites (1) > Click on Websites (2)

The Websites Page

All of your websites will be listed under "Websites" (1).

You can edit your website by clicking on this icon (2). 

You can duplicate the website by clicking on this icon (3).

You can create a new website by clicking on the "+ New Website" button (4). 

Check out our other articles that will discuss editing and adding a website.