Editing a Website

In this article, we will discuss editing a website.

Pages Pane

1. This is the default pane once you click on the edit website icon. Here you will see the pages from your website.
2. This is the stats pane (see below). 
3. The settings pane.
4. Click this button to visit the page builder. 
5. Click this button to see a preview of the page.
6 - 8. The three dots will drop a menu. Settings will allow you to edit the page settings Clone will duplicate the page within your website.
9. This button will add a new page.
10. This will show you the share link so you can share your website outside of your app.

Stats Pane

This pane shows you how many visitors have visited your website as a whole and is itemized by page. If any page has an opt-in form, it will show the opt-in rate by percentage here.

Settings Pane

This pane allows you to edit your websites settings.

1. This is the name of your website.
2. This is the path of your website that your domain (4) will forward to when someone visits it.
3. You add any tracking code that goes in the head here.
4. This is where you choose your domain.
5. Enter the link of your favicon here.
6. You add any tracking code that goes in the body here.
7. Click this button to delete your website.
8. Click this button to save your settings.