Domain Setup (Websites)

In this article we will show you how to setup your domain or sub-domain. In this example, we will be using a fictitious domain.

Note: There are many domain registrars out there. Although they all do the same thing, there are differences in how the domains are setup. In this example, we will show you how to setup a domain using the NameCheap service.

Step 1

Navigate to your domain and set the redirect to forward to https:// 

Note: It is important that you use <u><strong><em>https://</em></strong></u> before the www.

Step 2

Click on Advanced DNS (1) > Set your CNAME Record (2) > Set the Host to www (3) > Set the Value to "" (4) > Set the TTL to "Automatic" (5) > Save (6).

Note: Review the green arrows in the image below.

Step 3

Go back to your app > Navigate to Settings (1) > Domains (2) > Add New Domain (3) > Add your domain WITH the www (4) > Add (5)

Step 4

If you were successful, you may now link your domain with an existing funnel (1, optional) > Click Link Domain (2)

You have successfully connected your root domain.

To link a sub-domain, follow these steps

Step 1

Navigate to your domain > Click on Advanced DNS (1) > Make sure the CNAME host is set to your subdomain of choice (in this example, go) and the value is set to

Save (3).

From here, follow the steps 3 and 4 above to add your funnel, replacing "www" with "go" or whatever your sub-domain of choice is.