Workflow - Workflow Builder - If/Else Conditional Event

Workflow Builder - If/Else Conditional Event

IF ELSE step allows you to split a workflow journey into paths based on conditions such as does the contact have a specific tag or has the contact replied to a message from this workflow or even did they enter this workflow via workflow trigger number one versus trigger number two. 
IF  ELSE steps are great for example if you want to send a lead different messaging based on whether or not they have a specific tag this workflow

IF ELSE event is a powerful way to build one workflow that can execute a number of objectives.


Includes/Does Not Include

There are several conditional parameters in Workflow Builder where you'll have the option to specify "Includes" or "Does not include" such as Tags and multiple-option custom fields (checkbox fields, dropdown pickers, etc.).

The default logic when using multiple options with "Includes" or "Does not include" is AND meaning that let's say you create a condition like this:+

The system understands and processes this as "does the contact have both the 'consultation_booked' AND 'consultation_confirmed' tags?"
If your intention is to create an "OR" scenario, you would want to break the two tags into separate conditions and choose the AND option like this: