Workflow - Set Event Start Date event in Workflows

Set Event Start Date event in Workflows

Use this event to set the Event Start Date to a specific day, date, and/or time, which enables you to use Wait events that hold contacts in relation to the day/date/time that you set.

SET EVENT START DATE is a powerful workflow step that enables you to define a date slash time and then use wait for steps to hold contacts in relation to the date slash time you set

CUSTOM FIELD - enables you to select a custom field or a custom value to use as an event start date
Click the tag icon and you'll be able to select from your custom fields that are either date or text type fields using a custom field to set the event start date is perfect for use cases like sending policy expiration reminders, birthday reminders anniversary reminders, etc
SPECIFIC DATE TIME - lets you simply choose a specific date and time and then time off that with weight steps
DAY OPTION - which allows you to select either a current day of the week or current day of the month. It is great for scenarios like a realtor who runs the open house every