Email Event Triggers

In this article, we will go over how to setup email event triggers. 

You can use email event triggers to trigger an action based on things such as:

  • Someone opening an email
  • Someone clicking on a link within an email
  • Someone unsubscribing
  • Someone marking an email as spam
  • Should an email bounce (This is only accessible if you are using Mailgun)

What You Need

Please make sure that you have tracking enabled within your Mailgun account. To do so, navigate to "Sending", and then to "Domain Settings" to enable. 

Note: If you are using another platform other than Mailgun, please make sure you enable the tracking on that platform. Also note that the "Bounce" trigger will only work on the Mailgun platform.

Step 1

Begin at "Triggers" > Select the "Email Events" Trigger from the drop down menu.

Step 2

Define the filter by selecting "Event".

Step 3

Select your event

Step 4

You can further customize the trigger by selecting the event in which the email was sent from. This is optional.

You have now setup your Email Event trigger and can now setup your action.