Adding a 3rd Party SMTP.

In this article, we will show you how to add a 3rd party SMTP account to your app. 

Step 1

Navigate to Settings (1) > Click on SMTP and MailGun Services (2) > Click on "+ Add Service" (3)

Step 2

Select "Other" for the SMTP Provider (1)
Enter the appropriate information (2 - 7)
Click on Save (8)

You have added a 3rd party provider


  1. When using Google Mail (Gmail) as your email provider, please note that you have to use the same sending emails throughout your campaigns. Your message will most likely be marked as spam.
  2. If your SMTP settings use one provider (example: and you use another provider in your campaign (example:, your email will not be delivered at all. 
  3. will soon no longer be supported due to some security measures.

In regard to setting up Amazon SES:

  • Use the correct server name listed on the SMTP Settings page
  • Use port 465
  • Use the IAM Username & Password you created (and hopefully saved because you can't view it again)
  • Use the Amazon AWS Root User Email Address