Adding a Gmail, Yahoo, or SendGrid SMTP.

In this article, we will show you how to add a Gmail SMTP account to your app. 

Things to Consider:

  1. There are additional steps that you may need to take
  2. The images in this article may look slightly different

Step 1

Navigate to Settings (1) > Click on "+ Add Service" (2) > Click on the dropdown menu (3) > Select Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Sendgrid (4)

Step 2

Fill in your Email and Password (1) > Click on Save (2)

Note: This is for GMAIL users ONLY

If you do not have "Allow less secure apps" set to "ON" then you will see the following. Follow the instructions to properly configure. 

Step 3

Make sure you are logged in with the email you are using in this account. Then click ON THIS LINK. It will take you here. If set to OFF, toggle it to ON.

Step 4

Go back to your app and SAVE again.

You have successfully added a provider SMTP to your app.