How To Make HTML Emails.

In this article we will give you a workaround to create HTML emails.

Note: An HTML email builder, similar to a funnel builder, will be added soon. This article is simply a workaround should you need it right away.

In order to do this workaround, you will need to use an email template builder such as Stripo.

You also have the option to hand-code your email template using HTML.

Step 1

Create and download the HTML code provided to you by the email template builder platform of your choice. It may look similar to the picture below.

Step 2

Navigate to your campaign and open or create a new email event > Click on the "Source Code" button (circled)

Step 3

Paste the code in the "Source code" pane (pictured) > Click on "Ok"

Step 4

Update your images and links as needed and save.