Mailgun Setup: GoDaddy Domain Setup

In this article, you will learn how to setup a new domain in Mailgun and GoDaddy.

What You Will Need

1. An active Mailgun account
2. An active GoDaddy account

Step 1

Log into Mailgun and GoDaddy

Step 2

Navigate to Sending > Domains > Click on Add New Domain

Step 3

Type in your domain name > Click on Add Domain

Step 4

Take note of the DNS records.

Now we move to GoDaddy

Step 5

Navigate to your domain of choice > Scroll down until you see Additional Settings > Click on Manage DNS

Step 6

This example shows how to add a DNS record, in this case, a CNAME record.

All records are added in a similar way. Simply click on Add and select your desired record.

Now we go back to Mailgun

Step 7

Scroll down > Click on Verify DNS Settings