Mailgun Overview

In this article, you will gain a better understanding of what MailGun is and how it works with your app.

The Two Ways to Use Mailgun

1. One Subdomain (preferred option)

You can set up one sub-domain in Mailgun for your marketing agency domain and use that same sub-domain for email sending across all of your client accounts in your CRM


Easy setup - only need to setup one subdomain for your domain which you already have access to

Emails are white labeled to your marketing agency domain


If your domain gets disabled (gets a bad score due to bounce rates) email will stop working for all of your clients since all of their accounts are powered by the same domain. The solution: don't send spammy emails to poor email addresses :-)

2. Multiple Subdomains

You can set up a subdomain in Mailgun for each of your client's domains and use that subdomain for sending for their specific CRM account


Emails are white labeled per the client domain

If a client's domain gets disabled email only goes down for their client account


Difficult setup - time consuming having to setup a subdomain for all of your clients and getting access to each of their domains