Call Tracking via Number Pool

In this article, we will show you how to setup Call Tracking by using the "Number Pool" feature in your account.

Call Tracking allows you to track where your traffic comes from by purchasing a pool of numbers (the number pool). A special script will swap your locations number with one from the number pool. 

You can track specific campaigns or all traffic.

What You Will Need

  • Active Twilio phone numbers or the ability to purchase numbers through your account interface.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings (1) > Phone Numbers (2) > Add Number Pool (3)

Note: From here you have the option to "Track visitor activity" or "Track a marketing campaign". Both have a similar process. In this article we will focus on tracking visitor activity. 

Step 2

Follow the instructions to setup your tracking numbers.

Note: Before you complete this process, you will be buying anywhere between 4 and 30 phone numbers.

Step 3

You've completed purchasing a pool of numbers.