Pushing & Loading Snapshot Updates to Client Accounts.

In this article, you will learn how to push snapshot updates to your client accounts.

What You Will Need

1. Access to your agency app
2. A snapshot 

Pushing Snapshot Updates to Client Accounts

Step 1

1. Click Settings on the Agency View
2. Click Account Snapshot
3. Click the Push update to linked accounts button found on the right side of the Snapshot you wish to push out updates for
4. Click OK when prompted

Step 2

Select the location you wish to push the changes to (1) > Click on Proceed (2)

Step 3

Select all the assets you want to push (1) > Click on Proceed (2)

Step 4

Review any conflicts (1) > Click on Proceed (2)

Step 5

Click on Okay (1)

Once the snapshot has been pushed, you will receive a notification

Loading a Snapshot into an Existing Client Account

To learn how to Load a Snapshot into an already existing account, go to Load Snapshots

What happens?

  1. Nothing that already exists in the client account gets deleted or changed
  2. All of the Snapshot items within the Snapshot simply get added to what already exists in the client account
  3. If you load the same Snapshot into the same client account multiple times, the items of the Snapshot will duplicate

Things to Consider

  1. New Snapshot client account items (Snapshots Overview for the list of items) which were not in the Snapshot prior, thus were added by a Refresh (update) Snapshots, will be added to the client account
  2. *Any items in the client account that were created originally from the Snapshot will be updated to their state in the most updated (present) version of the Snapshot
  3. Based on (2.) if you make a change to items (ex: Campaigns) in the client account and then push an update to linked accounts, it will update the items to their state in the most updated (present) version of the Snapshot, thus deleting the changes if they are not in the most updated version of the Snapshot -- *Workaround: Create a copy of the item (campaign: Copying Campaigns) originally created by the Snapshot and make the edits there. This untethers the campaign from the Snapshot thus pushing updates out to linked accounts will not touch the copy. Note that you may need to update triggers and other items in the client account to reflect the new campaign
  4. Custom Values will not be edited or deleted, meaning it is the one exception to the rules 2. & 3. above. This is why we suggest to use them (Using Custom Values to Master Snapshots)
  5. Client account Users and Users (setting in Campaign Configurations) will not be edited or deleted
  6. Other client account items that were not originally created by the Snapshot or have been added since the Snapshot was originally loaded will not be edited or deleted
  7. Snapshot updates will not be pushed to client accounts created in other agency accounts. These are client accounts that may exist in other agency accounts based off a Snapshot you shared - Share Snapshots (with other agencies)