Up/Down Sell a Product

In this article, you will learn how to activate the one-click purchase in your funnel step.

An upsell is a second product you will attempt to sell your customer. 

What You Will Need

1. Your product setup on your funnel step.

Optional: If you have a subscription, your product must be setup in Stripe first.


When someone makes a purchase, you have the option to offer the purchaser an upsell (or downsell). In our example, we're trying to sell one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer. Since the original purchase was made one step ago, the are able to purchase using only one button without having them to enter their credit card information again.

Step 1

Hover over the button and click on the settings icon

Step 2

Scroll down to Button Actions > Click on Actions

Step 3

Select "One click up/down sell product"

Step 4

Select your product you setup prior to this article.

Step 5

Set your final Sale Action