Adding a Paid Calendar UpSell

In this article, you will learn how to create a calendar that will be integrated into your funnel. This calendar will require successful payment before the appointment is confirmed.

What You Will Need

1. A functional and activated Stripe account.
2. The domain you are using

In This Article

Part 1: Getting your Thank You Page URL
Part 2: Setting Up a Calendar
Part 3: Adding it To Your Funnel

Part 1

Step 1

To get the url for your thank you page (or whatever page will be after your calendar confirmation), navigate to the funnel step.

Funnels (1) > Your Funnel > Your Next Page (2) > Publishing (3) > The URL is here (4). Take your domain and combine them. So, in this example, you will have-

Part 2

Step 1

Navigate to Settings (1) > Calendars (2) > Add Calendar (3)

Step 2

Fill out the calendar details. The most importants are numbered. 

Note: Paste in the URL you copied in Part 1 (2)

Enable "Use Stripe Payment" (3)

Step 3

Fill out the amount and currency (1) > The description (2) > Save (3)

You've created a calendar that people have to pay to confirm an appointment.

Step 5

Navigate to Settings (1) > Appointment Widget (2) > Select Your Calendar You Just Created (3) > Copy the Code (4)

Part 3

Step 1

Navigate back to your funnel step > Select your button > Scroll down the button settings to "Button Actions" > Select "Open the Popup"

Step 2

Click on Pop up (1) > Elements (2) > Drag the "Custom JS/HTML" element toward the pop up (3)

Step 3

Drag and drop in place (1)

Step 4

Paste the code from Part 2, Step 5

You've successfully added a paid calendar to your funnel, and it will forward to your next funnel step once completed and paid for.