White Label the Web App

In this article, you will learn how to white label your web app from the original out-of-the-box installation.

White labeling your web app allows your customers to see your branding when logging into their sub-account.

What You Will Need

1. Access to your agency account
2. Access to your DNS settings from your registrar or hosting provider
3. Basic understanding of how to change your DNS settings


1. In this example, we will use NameCheap to connect your web app
2. All registrars or hosting providers are different. Consult with your provider if you're not sure how to change the DNS settings.

Step 1

Log into your account (or sign up)

Step 2

Navigate to Domain List > Find your domain > Click on Manage

Note: In this example, we will use the fictitious domain "funnel911.com"

Step 3

Navigate to Advanced DNS

Step 4

Navigate to Add New Record

Step 5

Scroll down to CNAME Record > Click on CNAME Record

Step 6

Fill out your Host > Fill Out Value > Click on the green check mark to Save

Note: In this example, we are using "app" as the host. You can use anything you'd like. <br>
For Value, use app.msgsndr.com

Go to your Agency App

Step 7

Navigate to Settings > Agency Settings

Step 8

Scroll to "Whitelabel Domain" > Fill in your domain > Update Company

Note: Reference Step 6 - We used "<strong><em>app</em></strong>" as the host. So here, you would use "<strong><em>app</em></strong>.yourdomain.com"

You can also take this opportunity to fill out the rest of your agency details if you have not yet done so.