White Label the iPhone App

In this article, you will learn about white labeling the iPhone app.

Apple IOS Instructions

All apps in the iTunes Store are submitted through Apple Developer accounts. In order to publish your app for iOS devices, you will need to sign up for an Apple Developer account. Apple requires each business to have their own account.


The enrollment fee is $99, and renews annually.

Membership is now available at no cost for eligible organizations, including non profit organizations, accredited educational institutions, and government entities based in the United States. Click Here for more details on eligibility requirements. 


Below is a step-by-step guide for enrolling. If you run into any issues, we recommend contacting Apple support directly at 1-800-633-2152.

Step 1: Create your ID

Go to https://developer.apple.com/programs/enroll.  You will then be asked to enter or create a new Apple ID.  We recommend you create a new Apple ID that reflects your business name. This way your personal ID is separate from your business account.

Step 2: Developer Agreement

You will be prompted to read and verify that you have read Apple’s Developer Agreement. 

Step 3: Choosing an Entity Type

Here you will be prompted to select an Entity Type.  There are three options: Individual, Organization, or Government Organization.  The entity type is what Apple uses to display as your Developer Name.  For example, as an Individual, your Developer Name will be your full name.  As an Organization, your Developer Name will be your Business’ Name. 

*We highly recommend that you register as an Organization. Apple has emphasized per Item 4.2.6 in the Developer Agreement that the App Name and Developer Name need to match in order for your application to be approved.

If Enrolling as an Organization:
You'll need an Apple ID as well as the following to get started:

A D-U-N-S® NumberRegister Here
Learn More Here
FAQ’s Here
Legal Entity StatusYour organization much be a legal entity so that it can be entered into contracts with Apple.  Apple does not accept DBAs, fictitious businesses, trade names, or branches. 
Legal Binding AuthorityAs the person enrolling your organization in Apple’s Developer Program, you must have the legal authority to bind your organization to legal agreements.  You must be the organization’s owner/founder, executive team member, senior project lead, or have legal authority granted to you by a senior employee. 

Step 4: Contact Information

After you select your entity type, Apple will want you to enter and confirm your contact information.

Step 5: Payment & Confirmation

After entering in your payment information, Apple will ask you to complete and confirm your purchase.

Step 6: Email Confirmation

You should receive an email confirmation of your order with a link to verify your email address. Follow the instructions to confirm your account. Now you are an Apple Developer!  

Additional Items:

  • Your account renews yearly and is required so your application runs properly
  • Log into itunesconnect.apple.com and developer.apple.com using your Apple ID login information
  • Confirmation of your account can take up to 48 hours by Apple 
  • In order to successfully publish iOS applications, ensure you have logged in and accepted any additional Terms of Service prompts, and that you do not have Two Factor Authentication enabled.